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We are laser cutting and marking agency

Architecture and model making

A tailored speed orientated service to meet the needs of architecture practices. High quality laser cut and engraved model making components at a very fast turnaround

Arts and Sculpture

Laser technology can be employed as a creative tool for artistic expression and carving of sculptural pieces. Experiment, learn, explore and then apply!

Branding and Marketing

This service is specially tailored for creative agencies and various other branding and/or marketing companies. Produce a wide range of items; promotional items, tagging and marking objects, point of sale and a whole lot more!

Marking, Branding and Promotial Items

A whole host of assorted objects can be made for spreading your message. We have collaborated with lots of digital, branding companies and many other creative agencies on a wide spectrum of intriguing projects - from bespoke invitations to shop window displays. Your ideas can reach us in the form of computer files, photographs, sketches and even oral descriptions..

Fashion: Laser Cutting of Fabric

We welcome you to try this unique service which was specially tailored to accommodate the fashion industry. You can try out an overwhelming amount of fabric samples and manufacture an almost unlimited quantity of your custom garment designs. We are here to make sure you get precisely what you need!

Laser Cutting of Wood Sheets

This service has a wide range of different applications from furniture design to structural component production. Because they can be made in large sizes, both plain and veneered MDF, birch plywood and other manufactured boards are used the most commonly.

Furniture and Products

Try out your furniture and product designs and create their prototypes. Make high quality components for 3D prototyping or produce larger quantities in full batch productions. We are here to fulfill your needs!

Laser Engraving/ Etching of Glass

Engrave bespoke images, text or patterns onto your glass panels, mirrors or even cylindrical glass items. The latter can be engraved by employing our rotary laser attachment!

Laser Engraving of Metal

Use laser technology to mark both bare and coated metallic surfaces with signs and many other creative pieces.

Laser Cutting and Engraving of Signs and Display Items

Possibilities for cutting and engraving paper are close to infinite with laser technology

Laser Etching of Paper

Use our lasers to convert logos, fonts and images into snappy 3D engravings on highest quality paper types.

Laser Engraving of Plexiglas Acrylic

Produce objects from one of the most popular laser cutting and engraving materials. The range of applications is huge! Choose from a big stock of differently colored acrylic of varying thickness from the most successful Plexiglas distributers in the industry

Laser Engraving of Phones and Laptop Computers

Turn your phone or laptop into a device that stand out from the rest. Mark or brand it with any number of logos, graphic images or strips of text. iPhones and MacBooks are the most commonly engraved, but lots of other electronic devices can be too. We also offer iPad engraving services.

Laser Cutting and Engraving of Plastic

The number of different plastics that you can cut and engrave for a mind-boggling amount of uses is in the hundreds.

Custom Laser Engraving

Most materials and objects can be laser engraved with logos, tags, graphic images or text. All we need is some information about them.

Props, Film and Theatre Sets

This laser cutting and engraving service is specially tailored for the performance industries. Make all sorts of items for theater, film and television by using our large format laser

Laser Cutting of Stencils

Make stencils for graffiti, clean graffiti, street advertising and artistic, industrial & commercial purposes

Laser Engraving of Stone

Using foam as the material, devise variously sized inserts for packaging purposes and display solutions. Choose from a wide range of special order Polyurethane foams, Polyethylene Zoatfoam and neoprene foams.

Laser Cutting and Engraving of Custom and Unusual Items

Let us help you laser cut and engrave items you never even dreamed of possessing.

Laser Engraving of Wood

All of your wooden item items can be delicately engraved with various patterns, tags, logos and other graphic images. Materials can be provided either by us or by you.