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Laser Cutting and Engraving of Plastic

Most phones, laptops, tablets and other devices (including iPhones, MacBook Pro laptops, Nokia phones, iPod touch, Kindle e-readers and Samsung phones) can be laser engraved.

Plastic Types

The number of different plastics that you can cut and engrave for a mind-boggling amount of uses is in the hundreds.

There are two main classes of plastics: thermo setting plastics that cure and set when heated and thermo softening plastics that melt in heat, which makes it possible to reform them. In most cases the latter can be laser cut more cleanly with a somewhat polished edge. Because of the hazardous fumes it emits, Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is the only type of plastic that we are not able to cut.

Key benefits of laser cutting plastics:

  • Choose from a huge stock of engineering, sign and display plastics.
  • If needed, special order plastic engraving laminates.