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Laser Cutting and Engraving of Custom and Unusual Items

Let us help you laser cut and engrave items you never even dreamed of possessing.

Let Loose and Cut or Engrave Something Extraordinary!

What the laser beam really does is it burns material, albeit in a tightly controlled manner, and that makes it possible to cut and mark any number of things that previously lived only in dreams!

Thanks to all of the experimentation with different materials – including leaves, compacted mud, moss, coffee beans, toast and soap - which we carried out in the past, we now have a client wholesaler that cuts and engraves food products on a regular basis.

Information that we need:

  • The more of it, the better!
  • Name of the material that the item is made of.
  • Its thickness.
  • Flatness of its surface.
  • Can it lie flat?

Contact us if you want to give an unusual material a try!