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Laser Cutting of Wood

Walnut, cherry, birch plywood, spruce, alder – all of these and many more can be laser cut and engraved.

Laser Cutting of Wood Sheets

This service has a wide range of different applications from furniture design to structural component production. Because they can be made in large sizes, both plain and veneered MDF, birch plywood and other manufactured boards are used the most commonly.

Cutting of natural woods and hardwoods is also available, but sheet sizes are usually limited to the size of the tree were made from!

See Laser Engraving of Woods.

Key benefits of laser cutting wood:

  • Choose from our extensive material stock: plain and veneered MDF, obeche, birch plywood, walnut and much more!
  • Extraordinary cutting tolerance and quality.
  • All of the sheets that we use were produced sustainably.
  • See Laser Engraving of Woods.