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We are laser cutting and marking agency

Furniture and Products

Try out your furniture and product designs and create their prototypes. Make high quality components for 3D prototyping or produce larger quantities in full batch productions. We are here to fulfill your needs!

Prototyping and Producing Furniture and Other Products

Experimental as much as you find is required – test a design, change and adapt it as necessary. Rest assured that we are knowledgeable enough about material properties, processes and applications to provide you with the best advice on how to proceed with developing a furniture or product design. Don’t be shy to ask!

But prototyping is not the only thing we can offer - produce almost unlimited quantities of your design and do it at reasonable prices. Moving a design into production does not mean sacrificing its quality. All of the requisite tasks are carried out in-house.

Key benefits of laser cutting furniture and products

  • Stock of appearance materials including veneered.
  • Design testing and sampling – With us, no order is too small.
  • A substantial stock of less expensive prototyping and design testing materials.
  • Huge laser - 2400mm x 1200mm - for large size furniture and installation display.