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Laser Engraving of Plexiglas Acrylic

Produce objects from one of the most popular laser cutting and engraving materials. The range of applications is huge! Choose from a big stock of differently colored acrylic of varying thickness from the most successful Plexiglas distributers in the industry.

The Bread and Butter of Laser Cutters -  Acrylic

Within the laser cutting and engraving world, acrylic may just be the most popular material. Since Perspex is one of the best manufacturers of it that is the only type we keep in our storage. The number of applications Perspex can be put to is staggering! Take a good look at the showcases and see for yourself!

Two methods are used for producing acrylic – casting and extrusion. Inform yourself about the pros and cons of both.

Key benefits of laser cutting and engraving acrylic:

  • Huge stock of materials.
  • Special order any item from the acryllic range.
  • Cutting of items up to 30 mm in thickness available.
  • Raster-engrave/etch items