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Fashion: Laser Cutting of Fabric

We welcome you to try this unique service which was specially tailored to accommodate the fashion industry. You can try out an overwhelming amount of fabric samples and manufacture an almost unlimited quantity of your custom garment designs. We are here to make sure you get precisely what you need!

Applying laser technology to fabric cutting is becoming more and more popular. Beautiful, exquisite details can be cut and engraved on a truly wide range of fabrics, including latex, rubber, leather, cotton, silk, polyester and various other synthetic fabrics.

Key benefits of laser cutting fabric:

  • Excellent repeatability – Make large amount of same design without deviations.
  • A wide range of test samples – No order is too small.
  • Burn marks are barely noticeable on laser cut synthetic weaves.
  • Fraying elimination by sealing edges.
  • Roll accommodation.
  • Files can be sent in vector format.
  • You may also want to use our drawing and scanning service for making laser ready files.

Remember That Fabric Can Also Be Engraved!

Do not forget that laser technology can be applied to engrave most fabrics with all kinds of images. During the process, artwork of your choosing is lightly burned into the material surface. The outcome depends chiefly on the fabric used, but intricate details can be engraved into most of them.