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We are laser cutting and marking agency

Props, Film and Theatre Sets

This laser cutting and engraving service is specially tailored for the performance industries. Make all sorts of items for theater, film and television by using our large format laser.

Breathe Some Life into Your Set Designs!

Our company supplies independent theaters, television and film prop makers and animators with set designs, props and various other large scale display items. Here is a sample list of just a small number of things you can produce:

  • Exhibition stands.
  • Museum props and displays.
  • Stage, theater and movie sets.
  • Product displays.
  • Components for stop frame animation.
  • And much more…
  • Send us your designs which we will convert into cut, laser-read drawings.
  • If preferred, you can use your own materials or choose from our extensive material spectrum.

Key benefits for prop makers and set designers: